Charcofresh Outdoors

Our formula is intended to be your go to lotion for all outdoor activities. Our Activated Charcoal lotion instantly eliminates all odors including those from cooking, fishing, camping, even sailing for days without a shower.
 Charcofresh is specifically formulated to soothe your skin when you've spent too much time in the sun. Our Organic Aloe Vera and botanical formula provides cooling relief and nourishment your skin needs as it recovers from sun exposure.
 The Activated Charcoal in Charcofresh helps neutralize the sting and itch of mosquitoes, biting flies, and spiders. Relief from these pesky bites is moments away. You'll be amazed how fast it works!
Charcofresh is an excellent choice for natural scent elimination. It works by trapping and eliminating all odors on your skin, especially perspiration. It is different from other products that use ingredients designed to kill the bacteria living on your skin, including the healthy ones that are supposed to be there. Our quick absorbing non-greasy formula won't transfer to your gear.
When you're planning that next outdoor adventure be sure to take Charcofresh, the all purpose Activated Charcoal Lotion that works on contact.