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Charcofresh is designed to be a safe and natural alternative to store bought deodorants. Our Activated Charcoal and Aloe Vera formula instantly eliminates perspiration odors while soothing and softening the skin under your arms. Use Charcofresh after shaving to protect against razor burn. It also helps reduce razor bumps and in-grown hairs. No more artificial fragrances, drying alcohols, or synthetic colors.
Foot odor can be an embarrassing problem, and the demise of many a pair of good shoes. Activated Charcoal to the rescue! Apply Charcofresh to your feet daily to instantly eliminate foot odor, and reduce odor build up in your socks and shoes. Our Organic Aloe Vera and botanical extracts improve the look and feel of your feet, while softening and smoothing your heels and toes. No longer will your fear taking off your shoes in public (or private). Notice the activated charcoal air filter on our test subject.
 Charcofresh is a smokers best friend. Our Activated Charcoal formula instantly removes all traces of odor from smoking products. Activated charcoal also neutralizes the harsh chemicals that remain on your skin after smoking, reducing transference of these contaminants to pets and items you might touch. Specifically designed for your lips, face, facial hair and fingers, use Charcofresh after smoking and people will never know, but they sure will appreciate it.