Charcofresh at Work

Work can take a toll on your hands. The Activated Charcoal in Charcofresh eliminates unwanted odors, and neutralizes chemicals, dirt, grime, and oils on your skin. From raw garlic and onions in the kitchen, to cleaning products around the house and automotive products in the shop, Charcofresh provides immediate odor relief while improving the condition of your hard working hands.
Many people use hand sanitizer on a frequent basis, especially in the medical professions. The ingredients in these products can dry out your skin and leave a strong odor. Charcofresh is formulated to moisturize while removing unwanted odor from your hands. Use it after applying hand sanitizer, your hands and nose will thank you.
Charcofresh is an excellent choice for hard working hands. Our quick absorbing non-greasy formula won't transfer to your tools, equipment, or clothing. From the shop to the office and everywhere in between, you're hands get things done. Help your hands with Charcofresh .