Our Story

The idea for Charcofresh began on a fishing trip in the back country of Idaho. Having forgotten soap for washing, and being bug bitten and sun burned, two friends were highly motivated to find a product that could help. We couldn't find a product that would solve all these problems, so we decided to create one. Our goal was to develop an all purpose skin lotion that used the power of nature to safely remove all odors and improve the condition of your skin.


Casey - an outdoor enthusiast with extensive experience using activated charcoal filtration to treat air and water systems, Casey knew that it was the key ingredient needed to eliminate unwanted odors on hands and skin. Activated charcoal is superior to products that simply mask odors using perfumes, or use ingredients designed to kill all bacteria on your skin, including the good ones that are supposed to be there.  


Chuck - with a decade working in product development for a premier US cosmetic manufacturer, Chuck had the right experience and connections to create a superior skin care product that would instantly eliminate strong odors, soothe irritations, reduce the signs of aging, and help improve the look and feel of your skin.
Our mission was to develop a truly superior all purpose skin lotion designed for your whole body, and to offer it at an affordable price. We've harnessed the power of nature using cutting edge skin care technology to create Charcofresh, the all purpose Activated Charcoal lotion that works on contact.